Homegrown III


Published in 1975. Rear notes by David Plaut.
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Songs: (all music recorded at 320kbps into MP3s. Typical file size for each song is 5-7megabytes).

Side One

1. Song For Everybody (Ron Mayer)

2. San Diego, Dance (People Movers)

3. Summer Again (Rusty Jones)

4. Gypsies from Bonsall (The Weirs)

5. Mission Bay  (Mutt)

6. S.D.S.U Blues (Barry Fox)

Side Two

1. O.B. Bop (Carey Fox)

2. For The Rest Of My Life (Sierra Band)

3. San Diego (You’re My Home) (Punk)

4. Zoo Song (Horsefeathers)

5. Final Stand (Steven Shipps)

6. City of Love (Listen)

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