HomeGrown I


Published in 1973.  Rear notes by Cameron Crowe (before he became famous for writing Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Almost Famous, and many more).

This was titled just Homegrown… I did not think they knew they would be making a series.


Images: (Click to enlarge)

Details from Rear Cover, click to enlarge-


Songs: (all music recorded at 320kbps into MP3s.  Typical file size for each song is 5-7megabytes).

Side One

1. Mission Beach Boogie (Bud Lang)

2. Dago from Diego (Country Dick and City Slick)

3. Encanto Rag (Bootleg)

4. Funky Santee (Hebadia Blues Band)

5. South Bay (Silver Tooth & Wolf)

6. Spring Valley Sally (Montezuma’s Revenge)

Side Two

1. Chula Vista (Rose & The Arrangement)

2. Clairmont Mesa (Gary Hyde & Spangles)

3. (Fly In My Soup) Back to El Cajon Blvd (Steve Blake)

4. City Limit Blues (Mike Hansen & Brad Ramsey)

5. La Jolla Sunset (Ron Mayer & Gary Mercado)

6. So Long San Diego (Island)

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