Homegrown VIII


Called “12 San Diego Rock N Roll Originals for 1984.” Published in 1983. Rear notes by Larry Bruce. The note indicates a new direction for the Homegrown series, which removed the requirement that the songs were about San Diego. But this was also the last LP put out as a KGB Homegrown. Liner notes (lyrics) came back but with limited graphics. A simpler layout.


Images: (Click to enlarge)

Details from Rear Cover & Liner (Lyrics), click to enlarge-





Songs: (all music recorded at 320kbps into MP3s. Typical file size for each song is 5-7megabytes).

Side One

1. You’ll Be Sorry (Blitz Brothers)

2. Dangerous (Four Eyes)

3. Cannonball (Moving Targets)

4. Don’t Panic (Frank Grubbs)

5. You Lost a Gold Mine (Beat Farmers)

6. Lost Boy (Dirk Debonaire)

Side Two

1. Victim (Victim)

2. Saturday At 3:00pm (Darius And The Magnets)

3. The Boys Go Home (Marty Eldridge)

4. Spend The Night With Mary (C.J. Hutton)

5. Rapid Water(Average Citizen)

6. Fried Chicken (Modern Rhythm)

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