Homegrown VI


Published in 1977. Rear notes by Robert P. Laurence (SD Union Tribune)


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Songs: (all music recorded at 320kbps into MP3s. Typical file size for each song is 5-7megabytes).

Side One

1. intro/The KGB Chicken (Gary Narramore & The KGB Chicken Preservation Band)

2. This Boulevard (The Bowen-Jenkins Band)

3. Jazz in La Jolla (Tim Dicker & Our In-House Jazz Band)

4. On The Wind of Torrey Pines (Melissa McCracken)

5. Neath the Vista Sky (Friends)

6. Good To Me (Smith Hubbard & Associates)

Side Two

1. Stones Throw from Mexico (Line Drive)

2. Loose in the Country – Wild in the Road (Ash Underwood & The All Night All Stars)

3. San Diego County Blues (Kim Gage & Our In-House Blues Band)

4. Full Moon on Bacon Street (Hoodlum Priest)

5. East San Diego(Ronny Ruff & The Respectables)

6. Just South of Mission Bay (Dan Crowell & The Getaway)

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