Homegrown V


Published in 1977. Rear notes by Robert P. Laurence (SD Union Tribune)


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Songs: (all music recorded at 320kbps into MP3s. Typical file size for each song is 5-7megabytes).

Side One

1. My Home in La Jolla (Main Sail)

2. Can’t Go Back to Cardiff (Gary Hyde, Marc Intrvaia, Tom Boyd)

3. The Queen of Rancho Santa Fe (CJ Hutton)

4. Earthquake (Blue Wind)

5. Forever Flying (Mojave)

6. The City In Motion (Rick Telli)

Side Two

1. Pretty Senorita (The Bowen-Jenkins Band)

2. Spring Valley Lady (Valerie Foremost)

3. North County Breakdown (Squatter’s Last Rites)

4. A Bagful of Avocados and a Bottle of Wine (Gary Narramore and Friends)

5. Encinitas Ain’t Cheap No More(Ash Underwood & Myrtle Diesel)

6. El Cajon Unemployment Blues (Eazy)

7. San Diego Smiles (Brad Cahill)

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