Welcome to the KGB Homegrown Tribute Page

We are not affiliated with KGB or the albums or any of the artists on the recordings.  We are just trying to share something from many years ago that a lot of us grew up with.
We loved the idea of a community based LP about our community.  How cool was that?  And some of the songs still sound great.  Check them out by clicking on the pages for each album.


History.  Starting in 1973, local San Diego radio station KGB-FM decided to make an album from local artists featuring music about San Diego.  Proceeds went to a charity.  Everyone wins.  Artists get exposure.  Radio station gets cred and PR.  Charity gets money.  Listeners got interesting music including songs about where they lived.   Let’s hope it can happen again.  Perhaps a digital download only, should reduce costs that were used for LP pressing and jacket covers.

And just for fun… another blast from the past. The San Diego “Super Chargers” original full version song in MP3 format https://www.kgbhomegrown.com///San-Diego-SuperChargers.mp3 Thanks to Charger’s fan JoJoTarantino

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