Welcome to the KGB Homegrown Tribute Page

We are not affiliated with KGB or the albums or any of the artists on the recordings.  We are just trying to share something from many years ago that a lot of us grew up with.
We loved the idea of a community based LP about our community.  How cool was that?  And some of the songs still sound great.  Check them out by clicking on the pages for each album.


History.  Starting in 1973, local San Diego radio station KGB-FM decided to make an album from local artists featuring music about San Diego.  Proceeds went to a charity.  Everyone wins.  Artists get exposure.  Radio station gets cred and PR.  Charity gets money.  Listeners got interesting music including songs about where they lived.   Let’s hope it can happen again.  Perhaps a digital download only, should reduce costs that were used for LP pressing and jacket covers.

And just for fun… another blast from the past. The San Diego “Super Chargers” original full version song in MP3 format http://kgbhomegrown.com/San-Diego-SuperChargers.mp3 Thanks to Charger’s fan JoJoTarantino

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21 Responses to Welcome to the KGB Homegrown Tribute Page

  1. Eric Murray says:

    Still have the first Homegrown LP with Cameron Crowe notes on the back.

  2. Barry J. Fox says:

    Great website! It’s about time someone did this!

  3. Andy says:

    Wow…so glad I found this site. I lived in SD from 69-80 and had all the Homegrown albums. Lost all of them when I moved to Oregon.

    thanks for taking the time to put all this together!

  4. Dave Wilcox says:

    Great site! These songs bring back so many memories. I still have the first few years’ albums, but no turntable to play them on any more.

    I would love to find out what became of some of these artists. I recall that Listen played our prom one year, and we thought we were pretty cool for getting them since they led off HG 2.

    Thanks for putting this up!

  5. Vicki says:

    @Dave, Gypsies from Bonsall (Homegrown III) featured Michael Damian Weir on background vocals. Michael Damian later went on to being an actor and recording artist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Damian … and now that you mention it, I remember Listen playing at Poway High in the 1970s.

  6. Christine says:

    I just picked up Homegrowns ’74 & ’76 at the thrift store down the street from my house. Couldn’t believe my luck, and delighted to add it to the other two I have (’73 & ’77). Does anyone know how many there were in total? Thanks!

  7. admin says:

    All of them are listed at the top of the page.

  8. Michael Warner says:

    Thanks for doing this! I’ve got 6 out of 7, plus Greatest Hits, but alas, no turntable. Don’t know why, but still have duplicates of V and VII, that have never been opened.

  9. Adam says:

    There is a Greatest Hits album too, with the best of I-V! I have that one, email me and I’ll send a pic and track list.

  10. Jerome H. says:

    Thank you for tasking the time to record and publish the MP3s of these great albums. As I lived in North County during the time that these albums were produces, I was able to pick up all of them except the last two. My collect is now complete.

    I did notice that there were some duplicates and some tracks that were missing. Specifically:

    Homegrown II- Tracks 1, 9, & 11
    Homegrown III – Track 2
    Homegrown V – Track 11
    Homegrown III = Track 1

    Would it be possible for you to re-post these tracks for all the fans of these great artists?

    Thanks in advance! It’s much appreciated!

  11. Dave Munsterman says:

    Thanks so much for hosting these great memories. When I was 13 my mom came home with the first album after waiting in line to get it from the studio. I love ’em all

  12. Kay says:

    This is awesome! You should have a link so we can easily share on FB.

  13. Christine Moore says:

    My son got a record player last year and I set about making sure he had some good stuff to play. Have managed to find Homegrowns 1-6 as well as the Greatest Hits. Still looking for #7 & #8. We both got a kick out of the “Chula Vista” song and ended up playing it for friends at our BBQ, right here in…you guessed it…Chula Vista. Thanks for putting up this site!

  14. Jimmy B. says:

    Brings back memories! Thanks
    But like the other poster noted there are some errors..

    I did notice that there were some duplicates and some tracks that were missing. Specifically:

    Homegrown II- Tracks 1, 9, & 11
    Homegrown III – Track 2
    Homegrown V – Track 11
    Homegrown III = Track 1

    Would it be possible for you to re-post these tracks for all the fans of these great artists?

  15. admin says:

    Hi, thanks for the note. I fixed the typos in the links to HGII tracks 1 and 9 and HG III track 2, HG VIII track 1. The links to HGII track 11 and HG V track 11 seem to be fine. Thanks again.

  16. Jonathan Hess says:

    Thank you for creating this website! I’ve been casually collecting these LPs over the course of years and love them! From my perspective in San Francisco, I like to pretend we’re in an alternate universe where the subject of all musical efforts everywhere, all-the-time, is “San Diego”.

    My favorite song of all is “Pretty Senorita” by The Bowen-Jenkins Band. Anybody from back in the day ever see them?

  17. Raymond Berry says:

    Finally! A site that has the complete collection of a lost San Diego treasure. It’s too bad that KGB couldn’t have put these back out in digital format, as they own the original master tapes. I’m certain the artists who created this music long ago would welcome their work being brought into the digital age, and perhaps more people will find out about this site. Thanks so much for putting this up.

  18. Jillian says:

    Thank you so much for this site. My parents lived in San Diego until about 6 weeks before I was born and had the Homegrown albums, which I grew up listening to. I’ve been looking for them in digital format for years!

  19. DAve Nelson says:

    We still have copies of all the original Homegrown vinyl never opened. Dave

  20. Doug Hinton says:

    I was privledged to be part of 5 Homegrown albums, thanks to my good friend, Barry Fox and Jim and Jeff Kroth. We all poured our hearts and souls into our entries, and it paid off. I think it still stands the test of time! )And, I, too, still have the original vinyl)

  21. Don B says:

    Tom Kosta passed away in December 2011. He played guitar and co-wrote on several of these tunes with Gary Hyde, Punk, and Carey Fox.

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